You can ask the caretaker:

For a boat ride to the She devil Island which you can see from the edge of the garden;

To arrange for an Aryuvedic masseur to come to Hideaway or for you to visit a spa;

To call a tuk tuk;

To get local beers (Lion lager) or coconuts (you can ask him to cut it for you);

To get local food to your place;

To come and clean the house;

To organise a lagoon tour;

To organise whale watching or turtle watching. (Subject to the season.)

To organise a tour of the cultural triangle.


You’ll wake up in the morning to the birds singing and the sea rushing to the shore. Generally the traffic noise can only can be heard from the front of the house. During your stay various birds, lizards, ground and water monitors and innocent grass snakes might come to the garden to visit you. They all are extremely friendly and we hope you’ll enjoy them.


Main and advance caretaker


Dammi is a young well-educated man from an Ayrvedic medical background who lives a few miles away from Hideaway. He lives with his British wife and they both run a guest house and simple spa called ‘Secret Root’ which provides various ayrvedic treatments. He will give you an introduction to the area and help you out if you need anything. You can ring Dammi on 0773294332 or contact him via the immediate caretaker.

Immediate caretaker

Mr Sunset or Karuna

Mr Sunset is a fisherman and father of two who lives with his family right next door. He is a quiet man but friendly and supportive. He speaks some English and understands more than he speaks. If there is a communication problem it can be dealt with the advance caretaker Dammi over the phone. Mr Sunset will come to clean the garden twice a day in the morning and afternoon. If you feel that you want more privacy you could ask him to not to come during your stay. If you need someone to clean the house you could kindly ask him to do so. You could ring him on 0715895375 or simply knock on his door.

This is a vegetarian house as the owners believe every living being should be allowed to enjoy their life.

Therefore no meat or fish has been cooked in this kitchen.

We hope that you’ll enjoy your stay and respect this view.

Have a good stay!


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